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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The First Weeks of The First Month

I've been pretty slack updating this blog lately. I was kinda busy with my online business. lol. So yeah, now I have the chance of writing some fresh content here, I'll take some time. I will try my best not to make this a novel. lol.

Guess what, this is my last year in Fiji. So I have to think a new blog title by next year if I'm not going back here anymore. LOL.

Ok, after going home here in Suva from our Nadi and Denarau vacation, it has been raining until like last week. Well actually, there are still some rainshowers nowadays. Anyways, Fiji has experienced the worst flooding ever recorded in its history and the current damage stands at $20M and is to exceed should the appalling conditions prevail. The worst affected areas are the Western, Central and Northern Divisions with homes, businesses, livestock and farms being under water of up to 16 feet.

The recent flooding has seen a total of 10,000 people taking shelter at various Evacuation Centers set up in the Western, Eastern and Northern Divisions. At present 114 evacuation centers have been activated sheltering the 10,000 people. The number of evacuees and evacuation centers are expected to increase as more bad weather is forecasted throughout Fiji with more rain and floods expected in the next few days.

The Fiji Government has declared a state of emergency for the Western Division for next 30 days with immediate effect. Homes have been lost and twelve people have already lost their lives in tragic circumstances trying to escape rising flood waters and through landslides.

Here are some photos of the affected areas:

We are living in Suva so we are actually safe and unaffected. I mean, it's because I mostly sleep all day or surf the net. I only feel that we are in a very bad weather when my internet connection is really sloooooow. lol. Well, thank God that's it's now over. But I really feel sorry for the victims. So, if you want to donate and help them, go (Oh yea, I copied the news from there too. And if you want to see more photos, just visit the site)

So yeah, going back to what's happening on my life, I'm going to the Youth Camp this weekend. YAY. My second to the last camp. Sigh. Some of my closest friends had left to go back to their homelands. But I'm sure that this camp will still be a blessing.

And oh, by the way... I had a blog makeover to my University Blog which can be found here: Feel free to visit the site and tell me what you think! :)



Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008 at Radisson

Ok, I must say this blog post is really late, I was just busy for the holidays and was a bit lazy to write some fresh content in this blog of mine. As you can see, my latest blog post was about our holiday plans in Radisson. It was awesome! Here are some photos:

My photo in front of Radisson.

With a Fijian Warrior

Me getting more tanned.

With my mom and dad.

With April, my sister

I love their pool! XD

The falls and the apartments...