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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Favor With People

Wow, haven't been updating this blog for ages. Sorry guys! hehe. Anyhow, we just finished the South Pacific Conference in our fellowship. It was awesome. I could write a novel. lol.

This was the sermon on August 21st, Friday and was first written on my Facebook as a note. Just thought I'd share it here on my Blogspot. hehe. :p


Ok, I'm just aimless now. lol. I'm writing this because of Pastor Walsh's sermon entitled 'Favor with People'.

He tells about a man he carefully observed. A man who prays and reads the Bible. He does the things of God. He is basically a man of God. But when he goes home, he is friendless. He don't have the favor with people.

I guess I'm like that. No, it's not a guess. It's a fact. Here in Fiji, at least. I go to church 3 times a week. I'm always present in church activities. Haven't been in outreaches lately though. I love the church. It's been our 'family' here in Fiji.

But reality strikes... I have few friends. Friends that I could say I'm really *close* with. Like close, close. Thank God I have a sister I'm always with. If not for her, I could say I'm always ALL BY MYSELF. lol.

Ahhh. It's frustrating! haha.

I'm shy and quiet. I know.. That's the first impression my friends say. But there's a reason for that... I had no childhood friends aside from my siblings and classmates in school. I mean, you know. In the Phil, at least, you have some playmates and friends in the neighborhood. I got none. I play with my sibs, and sometimes, with our yaya's or nannies. But I don't treat them like that. They are like a family. They took care of us when our parents were not there for us. **hint hint** Guess, you now get it why I'm shy and quiet... Yes, it has something to do with the past. I'll tell it all next time. It's another novel. I mean, story... lol

I hate rejection. I guess, not being able to be close with my rents when I was young somewhat made me feel rejected.

Going back to the story, I'm like that man. I believe I do the things of God yet I don't find the favor with people. lol. Haha. Okay, enough for the emo-ness... I'm not saying I dont have friends. I have few *close* friends that I would really miss when I leave Fiji. I guess, the others cant catch up with me. I'm the person that doesn't talk much when I'm not that close to someone. But I must tell you, I'm easy to get along with. I suck at starting a conversation. It's hard for me to make new friends. Coz in the Phil, they make friends with me. lol. So I thank those friends who took the initiative. lmao. haha.

To my future friends, I'm not that hard to be friends with. I guess, one of the reasons people don't want to be that close to me is because they think the only way to get connected with me is Starbucks, and other some-what expensive places I go to hang out. I thought of that reason because someone has told me once that 'I have expensive taste'... I'm not choosy with those kinds of stuffs. I can eat street foods too, for crying out loud! haha. XD I might be a big spender at times but I also know how to save money.

Ok, whatever.. I just wanna let my future friends know that I wanna be friends with them. It's easy but it's hard. lol. It's easy to be friends with me but it's hard to keep up with me. I'm introvert. Someone must *trigger* that friendliness in me. lol

Favor with People. Why is it so hard to get? Sigh......

3 reasons Pastor Walsh pointed out:

1. Busy-ness --- I'm too busy with nothing. lol. I mean, they are busy with something. Probably, with their own circle of friends.
2. Selfishness --- Okay, I'm not selfish. But maybe somehow. Ahh yeahh... When I have a friend, I want all of their attention,,,in some ways.. lol :p
3. Laziness --- I'm too lazy to make friends... specially if I know that it wont last that long. What do I mean by this? As I've said, I'm easy to be friends with but it's hard to keep up with me. If I think that you're not the type of person who is like my best friend who is talkative (thank goodness she's not on Facebook), I mean hyper friendly not talkative, I'm lazy to make the effort. I know it's demonic. I should get rid of that motto and start to reach out and make friends. Ahh. I hate rejection. lol.

Ok... I dunno why I shared this out. Less than 4 months to stay in Fiji. I guess, I'm still hoping to make some more friends before I leave. I mean, *close* friends. Or maybe not. At least, the fewer close friends I have, the fewer people I would miss when I go home. *emo* lol lol lol.