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Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is My Life, Rated

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Sooo.. This is my life rated huh. lol. Lemme see. XD

My life, as a whole, is 7. That's my favorite number. lol. Well, I'm still young. haha. XD

Mind... 7.1. toinks. Been out of school for like a year and a half so it should be lower! lol. Wahahahaha! XD

Body. 6.8. Arrgh. I think have to get enough sleep at night. lol. I mostly sleep till the morning man. Coz my classes are in the aftie. And then, I sleep late at night to catch some friends online. My timezone is 4 hours ahead of Phils. lol.

Spirit. 9.6! Oh my gosh!! I love God! :) I could say that my faith is even stronger than ever. =)

Friends and family is 6.2? lol. Maybe because most of my friends are not with me. I mean like, they are in Philly. :P

Love. 3.1. Bahahaha! Yah maybe. I don't have a love life for now. So what? lol. But well, I LOVE GOD! And He loves me. That's all that matters... Mr. GB would come soon. lmao.

Finance. 4.6. toinks. I'm still dependent on my parents. So that explains my low score. Mwahahaha! XD Don't worry, time will come, it'll be 10. lol. Jokes. XD

So there.. At least, my life is at 7. I'm still young. I'm on my way to 10. lol. XD

My First Day at Uni

It was my first day at Uni yesterday. That's 27th of Feb. (As you can see, we are advance here. lol. It's past 1am here now.) Well anyways...

I just has one class, at 4pm. Microeconomics. Hahahaha! I chose my own sked. Yeah, I chose sked in the aftie so I can sleep late and wake up late. *tamad* lol. XD

From our place, we have to catch the bus twice. Yes, we're commuting. amf. lol. From our place to this place named Nabua, then another bus to the university. We left like 3:20, I think. Gosh. I thought we won't be delayed or whatever. There's no traffic here. So I can't make an excuse that it is traffic. Wahahaha! XD Anyways... We got delayed a bit coz you know, people goes down to their destination, then we stopped in this school and there were about 20 of them who went in. Goshness. Ang tagal nila, promise. lol. XD

I was a bit late on my first tutorial, as we call it. lol. As I went in, they are having an activity. The tutor, or professor, walked to me and gave me the course outline and assignment and then explained to me the activity. Special diba. lol. Nyahaha. We were only 14 in the room. And it's not air-conditioned but it was cool. It's well-ventilated like Ateneo. lol.

So yah, we got partners. Meet and greet stuff. I would be the one to introduce my partner then he would introduce me. My partner was named Tony. This is his info:

1. Name: Tony Baleilau
2. 3 things nobody know about him:
- He's from Tavueni.
- He's part Rotuman.
- They are 7 in the family.
3. 2 things about him:
- He plays volleyball.
- He likes music.

So yah. I was the one who did the talking for him. At first, I had a soft voice, as always. lol. Moving on...

These are the info I gave him:

1. Fei Anne Adricula
2. I'm a Filipino with a bit of Spanish and Chinese.
- I'm from the Philippines. (haha!)
- I'll be here till 2010.


They asked me about this Filipino series that was a big hit here in Fiji. The Gulong ng Palad. I didn't watch it. But I was so aware about that coz it was the talk of the town. hahaha. That was several months ago, man. There are new series. But yah, they were amazed that I'm a Filipino. lol. The prof asked me why am I here. I said my dad had a job offer here. Then they asked me if my parents are doctors. Coz most of the Filipinos who are here are doctors. I said no, he's an Elevator Engineer. So there. Haha.

It's just fun coz they still have the Gulong Fever. They call it Gulong for short. How aimless. lol. XD

3. I am a quiet person.
- I'm a Christian.

I was really having a hard time of what to tell him bout me. lol. Kamusta naman diba, he's a guy. lol. So as I was thinking, he suggested "good-looking". Goodness! I wouldn't say that to the class. Like, come on. It's nakakahiya. Cockiness! Bahahaha. Man, like, how can he say that? Toinks. XD

So yahh. Next week, that class would be for 2 hours. Oh gosh. We had an assignment. lol. Like, I am on DFL so I would really have an assignment. lmao. XD

DFL is Distance Flexible Learning. We would study at home, online, at our own time. But we would attend tutorials at least an hour a week. Woooh. I'm still aimless at home! lol. Bwahahaha! No lectures to attend to. XD It'll be fun though. But yah, it's a bit boring. But hey, I can study on my own. Walang epal! Walang istorbo! And I won't stress myself that much. And of course, I don't have to spend much. I can go out pa rin! lmao. :))

After classes, we went to Cost U Less to buy Twisties and chocolates. Whittakers!! yumyum! lol. XD

I remembered my first day in UST. lol. I turned right when I was at the 4th floor. It was supposed to be left for our classroom, 416. lol. And then, I was late. I was not yet in my uniform. My name was called already. The subject was Philosophy. And on the first day, our prof shouted. lol. hahahaha! XD

Monday, February 18, 2008

Some of my New Favorites

I’m a certified chocoholic. When I was a kid, my dad always brings home chocolates. Specially when dad goes abroad, my gosh, our fridge is always full of chocolates. Lol. Anyways, here’s a picture of my current chocolate addiction:

It’s a Brazillian chocolate. Gee. It’s so yummy. There are lots of Brazillian chocolates here. I so love them. But dang, it’s a bit expensive, man. Lol. Bahaha. It costs $3.29. lmao. Calculate! Lol. Well, no matter how expensive it is, it’s still worth it. I mean, hey, it’s really yummy! Haha. XD

Another must-taste chocolate: (From New Zealand)

Now, that one is even more expensive. lol. It's $6.99 per piece. HAHA!

Here’s another addiction:

That’s Twisties. You know why I love it? It so tastes like America’s Cheetos. OMG. It’s so delicious like, I swear. You can finish the pack immediately. It’s soooo cheesy! Haha. XD It’s $1.29 for that medium size. But I don’t care. Haha. Too bad, there’s no large for that Extra Cheesy flavor. >.<

I’ll surely buy these as pasalubongs to my friends in the Philippines. Wahehe. Woops. I might just eat em up pala. Lol.

Anyways… Just thought of blogging bout this to strave you guys. Lol. ;p

Friday, February 15, 2008

Reasons for Sharing the Gospel

Years ago somebody built a house. This guy worked hard overseas, saved money and spent it all for this beautiful house, except there was a problem. The house was built on the wrong lot. No amount of court litigation or appeal would force the judge to make him own the property. If you built your house on a property that is not yours, you cannot own the property or the house. Many of us are headed in this direction and may not even realize it. We are building our lives on something that is not going to last because the foundation is not right. What are you focusing your life on?

Elizabeth Dole puts things in proper perspective: “Life is not just a few years to spend on self-indulgence and career advancement. It is a privilege, a responsibility, a stewardship to be lived according to a much higher calling, God's calling. This alone gives true meaning to life.” Howard Hendricks makes this distinction: “Your career is what you are paid for. Your calling is what you are made for.” Do you know your calling? Is your personal mission aligned with the mission and vision of God? If your life is not aligned with God's vision, you will be just like the man who built his house on the wrong place. Whatever God calls you for, you must do it in conjunction with His mission and do it for His Glory.

The apostle Paul was a persecutor of Christians until he had a personal encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. The passion with which he formerly persecuted Christians was re-channeled into the preaching of the Gospel. He took the higher calling seriously, and the love Paul had for Jesus and the Gospel was embodied in his words in Romans 1:14-16: “I am under obligation.” Because he experienced the goodness of God in his life, Paul is telling us that he is under obligation to pass it to others. “I am eager.” The joy Paul received from his personal knowledge of Christ gave him the excitement to share with others what he had come to know. “I am not ashamed.” Paul could not hide from others what he had gained from knowing Christ. Because he was doing people a favor, he was not embarrassed or intimidated to tell others about the Good News.

Jesus' last words on earth before He was lifted up to heaven are clear instructions of what we are expected to do until He returns. “…but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth” (Acts 1:8). We are to be witnesses for Christ, which simply means to tell others what we have heard from Him and what we have seen Him do in our lives. But how do we develop a sense of obligation, eagerness and not being ashamed of the Gospel? How do we develop a positive attitude towards sharing the Good News? There are two important principles we need to be convinced of:

The reality of who Jesus is and what He has done. Who is Jesus to you? That is the most important question. Do you truly believe in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God? Do you have faith in Jesus whose death on the Cross has fully paid for our sins? Have you tasted His love and goodness in your life? Until you experience the reality of Jesus, who He is and what He has done for you, it is hard to develop enthusiasm. There is a difference between conviction and just believing in the head. There are certain things we can discuss and debate on, but there are certain things we must be willing to die for. Until we have a personal encounter with the risen Savior, we will not have deep convictions about Jesus; convictions that we would die for.

The reality of eternal consequences. We have been led to believe that we can live life on our terms, and reserve holy living in the afterlife. But the truth is, after death comes judgment. The Bible gives us a glimpse of the afterlife in Luke 16:19-31. After physical death, the rich man who lived an ungodly life was thrown into hell to suffer in agony, while Lazarus received comfort in heaven. The deep, fixed chasm separating the two places removes the possibility of crossing over from one side to the other. Those who do not accept the gospel ultimately reject Christ. Their destiny is eternal torment in hell. Those who believe the gospel and let Jesus enter their lives will live forever with Christ in His Kingdom. Hence, based on the evidence of Scriptures, what you do with the Gospel will impact not just your life; it will impact the lives of other people. We must not be ashamed or embarrassed. We should share the Gospel with eagerness. We will never come close to fulfilling the Great Commission of making committed followers of Jesus Christ if we have no conviction about who Jesus is and what He has done, or about the reality of heaven and hell. There will be no heart for evangelism unless we have given our heart to Christ.

True success comes only as a result of doing what God wants us to do. We can be a street sweeper, but we can be the best street sweeper there is, if we do our job well and do it for God's glory. Life is never lived well unless it is in line with God's higher calling. Witnessing for Christ is being aligned to His calling. Will Jesus find us busy pursuing His agenda upon His return?

Speaker: Ptr. Peter Tanchi
CCF Main, St. Francis Square


I listened to this preaching a while back. My gosh. It really striked me, man. I was like, OH-MY-GOSH. O_O lol. I'm a kind of person (Christian) who is really a bit afraid of sharing the Gospel coz I hate it when I talk to someone and they'll just gonna reject it. Like, they don't wanna listen, they don't wanna know. They don't even care at all. Sheesh.

I always go on outreach in our church here. We go to town or go to some other places. If it's in the afternoon, we'll burn ourselves under the heat of the sun and give tracts and yeh, talk to people too. During outreach at noon, I usually stay near the bus station if i don't hold a sign. Well, you might say it sounds crazy. This is all for God! People need to get saved. So, we really don't mind at all.

Well anyways, there's this one time that I almost collapsed while I was holding a sign under the heat of the sun. (The sun here in Fiji is damn hot!) I just did it for like 15 minutes and one of our church leaders asked a guy (I forgot his name. My bad.) to get my sign. I feel like, gosh, I wanna do this but I can't. So there. I just gave some tracts to people who pass by. Sometimes, it's nakakahiya so pinapalampas ko na lang. lol. I know it's wrong. So anyway, after a coupla minutes, I felt really dizzy that our leader have to guide me to the bus stop. That's the nearest place where I can sit eh. lol. So yah, while I was there, I so wanna give out tracts man. But my body can't move. They gave me water and accompanied me there until I get well. While I was there, I felt this burden that God is like talking to me that Fei, you should reach out to people in the bus stop. I mean, look, this people stay there until the bus comes. And it's a place where there's always a lot of people. I feel the burden! Waaah.

After listening to this preaching (I just got the mp3 coz it's easier to download), God touched my heart. It's the second month of the year. One of my resolutions is to go out of my comfort zone and start what I gotta do as a Christian. Share the Gospel. Before I left the Philippines, when I was attending Jzone, I felt this "calling". Bahahaha. Yeah, Many are called but few are chosen. I got lots of plans when I left. All the things I learned from Jzone, from the awesome retreats. God always convicted my heart. I'm starting school this end of the month. Am a bit excited. lol. Just kidd. I am really excited. Hehe. And well, I hope I can start a Bible Study Group soon! =)

Sooo. Therefore, I'm gonna share the Gospel to my friends when I start school. Like seriously. “…but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth” (Acts 1:8) I will receive the power to witness. I wouldn't care if they reject the Gospel. It's not me they are rejecting. It's Jesus. And rejecting Jesus have consequences. But as a Committed Follower of Christ, we gotta bring more souls to Him. Before it's too late. We are living in a dying world, man. Save souls for Christ. All for Jesus! Pray for me. =)

A site to visit:
[I made this lens on Squidoo. I miss Jzone. Ahehe.]

(I'm on a fasting, friends! My gosh. haha. lol. I'll post another entry later. It's almost 4am now in my time. lmao. So yeeeh. See yah later!)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'll Worship at Your Throne
Whisper my own love song
With all my heart I'll sing
For You my Dad and King
I'll live for all my days
To Put a smile on Your face
And when we finally meet
It'll be for eternity

And Oh how wide You open up Your arms
When I need Your love
And how far You would come
If ever I was lost
And You said that all You feel for me
Is undying love
That You showed me through the cross

I'll worship You my God
I'll worship You my God
I love You
I love You
Forever I will sing
Forever I will be with You
Be with You

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ha-FEI Birthday to me!!! Lol.

Hey guys. =) **Read**

Today is the 7th day of February in the year 2008. God has blessed me with another one year in my life. Wow. Praise God for that! :D

My gosh. Sometimes, I just think that my 18th year was just a WASTED YEAR for me. Am serious, I really said before that my 18th year was just terrible. I wanna forget it. Lol. Why? In my entire 18th year, I didn’t even go to school. What a waste, man. My classmates would be juniors this June, and I’m gonna start college all over again. Screw that up! They would be working in probably about 2 years time while me, I’m still studying. Lmao. Another waste of time is that I’m in this country called Fiji which is probably the MOST BORING country ever!!! My golly. This place just can’t fit to my lifestyle, dude. Lol. Where’s the technology? Where are the malls? This is so old-fashioned and all. I so wanna go home. This won’t do any good. SHEESH.

HEY! This not another RANT. Or another I-WANNA-GO-HOME shoutout or cry. Oh puh-leeze. I’m not gonna spoil my Birthday! HAHAHA. :P

Alright. Let’s look at the BRIGTHER SIDE. Lol. We should learn how to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS. We should THANK GOD for everything that is happening in our lives, like my fave verse says. “In everything gives THANKS for THIS IS the WILL OF GOD in Christ Jesus CONCERNING YOU,” I Thessalonians 5:18. We only have one life and we should give it our BEST SHOT.

Let’s go back one year ago… (lol)

In year 2007, I knew I’m leaving in few months time. Gosh. We were actually supposed to leave December 2006! We just got delayed and delayed and delayed. How’s that? Haha. Lmao. Well anyways, yah. How many of you know that sometimes, we have to learn how to WAIT. In that “delay period”, God has made wonders, man. Like, I learned a lot. I made new friends. I went to a JZONER Retreat in April, which is so amazing, what a blessing. I won friends to Christ. We have fixed our family’s relationship. God is really always in the right timing even though for us, it’s so wrong. Lol. It’s just so cool, man. =)

I have mentioned the stuffs that has happened in those delay periods in one of my entries in my Multiply blog. ( & Feel free to read it and get blessed. Wahehe. Long story short, yes, I sometimes look at it negatively but there is always a brighter side. And I know them. Coz I believe that there are no coinsidences nor accidents. Everything is God’s Will and He always has a PURPOSE.

I’ve been here in Fiji for more than 7 months now. And probably you’ve heard my rant that I WAS dying to go HOME. Take note of the linking verb I used alright—WAS. Lol. Meaning, not anymore. Yep, I have already accepted the fact that I’m gonna suffer 2 more years here in this place. Woops. Lol. I mean, I’m gonna STAY here in Fiji prolly till dad’s contract expires in Feb 2010. (Hey, fret not, I’ll go for v-cay in Phils! :P) This could be oh-so weird but well, God gave me a vision of what am I supposed to do here. I’m not saying He talked to me like how He talked to Abraham and Moses, but yah, He talked to me in some amazing ways. I can’t tell more, it’s hard to explain. Lol. SO YAHH. My point is I don’t wanna feel bad anymore for staying here, I know I’m so homesick, but God can help and sustain me with that. Am here in Fiji to do His Will, He has a purpose.

One of the main reasons of being here is to be with the family. Alright, we had a terrible family relationship way back. Like you know, parents are busy, kids left with househelpers, don’t have much time together, stuffs like that. Yeh, my parents almost separated but by God’s grace, it didn’t happen. Then, being here means household chores. MY GOSH. This is the place where I’m learning, and I so don’t like them at times. GEE. Until now, my parents tell me I’m so lazy and all. Geez. Like, I’m the senyorita type at home. LOL. Haha. But yah, I now know. I’m 19 now, I gotta be responsible and mature. Yuck. Lol. Hahaha. And then, hmmm, He blessed us with a great church, man. Potter’s House Christian Church. In this church, I grow my relationship with God more. I became more faithful than ever. Every service just touch my heart, just like in CCF and JZONE (I miss em by the way, esp Jzone.). He gave me nice friends. Kahit konte pa lang sila, ok lang. I’ll get more friends when I go to school. All am asking for is… uhh. Lol. Secret. Lmao. Hahaha! XD [That’s my birthday!]

I’m going to school next month!!! Ok, should I get excited? Lol. XD I got a lot of plans for school. Goshness. Haha. Man, I gotta study hard this time. I should not be lazy like I was in my first year in UST. Fees are damn expensive, we’re talking about dollars here. Hahaha! Lol. OMG. I’m excited, I’m afraid. Mixed emotions, dude. Lmao.

Well anyways…

Back to the present time. lol. This is the start of my Nineteenth year!!! =) I got resolutions [like New Years Resolution…lol. Kung Hei Fat Coi!!!], I got plans, I got prayers. I don’t wanna make this year a year of missed opportunities or some waste of time. I’m gonna start this right. I pray God will use my according to His Will and Purpose. I hope all the things that I’ll do will be pleasing to Him.

I’ll probably learn a lot here in Fiji. Like now, I’m actuallybeginning to realize some things. Maybe when I get back, I could say Genesis 41:52. Nyeckz. Lol. Hehe. I’ve been so challenged in my first 7 months, and I’m expecting even more challenges as well as blessings and life’s lessons. I just keep on trusting Him no matter what. =) I AM OFFICIALLY LIKING FIJI NOW.. Cheers to that!! lol.

So till here na lang. Haha. Miss you all. Hope you guys are doing great. You all suck. Not making paramdam!!! AMFNESS!!! Lol. Hahaha. Promise, kung sino lang nakaka-alala, sila lang yung may pasalubong pag balik ko! WAHAHAHA! My gosh. Sana naaalala niyo din ako. Yuck. Nyahahaa! :P

You guys all take care and God bless!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Alright. Out my of aimlessness, I thought of creating this survey for you guys to measure up how close we are. Lol. Put x’s in front of those statements or phrases which you know about me, or things we’ve done together. (I'm not sure if you can copy this all and post it in my comments. If it can't be, just post your SCORES aye) HAHA. Let’s see how many close and true friends I really have. Nah, just joking. As long as you are my friend, we’re always friends. Eventhough we’re just 10% close. Lol. Just for fun guys! =) No lying. Lmao. XD (Read my rant below…lol)

[ ] You know my full name
[ ] You know the meaning of name— FEI
[ ] You know my birthday
[ ] You personally know anyone in my family
[ ] You know where I live

[ ] A Christian
[ ] Shy-type & Quiet (yah rightt)
[ ] A Java Junkie (loves coffee)
[ ] Adventurous (I’ve done mountain hiking, rock climbing, caving, camping, to name a few)
[ ] Makulet (oh
[ ] Matampuhin (as in..haha)
[ ] Maarte (in some
[ ] Caring
[ ] Laitera (
[ ] Understanding
[ ] Demanding (hahaha! :P)
[ ] Overprotective (haha!)
[ ] Mallrat (loves the mall)
[ ] Allergic to crabs (lol)

[ ] I’ve kissed you (beso
[ ] We’ve hugged each other
[ ] I have slept on your shoulders (or vice versa)

[ ] You’ve seen me cry
[ ] You’ve heard my rant
[ ] You know something about my love life (LOL)

[ ] We’ve been to the mall together
[ ] We’ve been to the mall, just the two of us (girl
[ ] We’ve gone Starbucks-ing, or any other coffee shops
[ ] We’ve gone shopping together
[ ] I have treated you (or vice versa)

[ ] You’re my friend in Friendster/ Bebo/ Multiply
[ ] You know my Blogspot/ Blogchex/ Squidoo (and you visit them!)
[ ] You’ve been on my top/ featured friends
[ ] I always comment on your page eventhough you hardly reply (lol)
[ ] I say I Miss You/ I Love You in my comments (haha)

[ ] plastics
[ ] mess
[ ] to see you cry (lol)
[ ] to see you broken hearted (lol again)

RANDOM STUFFS (whatever…lol)
[ ] You knew my flight was 29th of May 2007
[ ] You’ve tried wearing my glasses, just for fun
[ ] You’ve checked out my wallet (it’s a personal stuff so really uber close friends see it. Lol)
[ ] I’m a Chocoholic (& you’ve given me a chocolate)
[ ] My favorite color is blue (You know that about 90% of my clothes and things are BLUE)
[ ] I gave you a sentimental gift (something that is really important to me)
[ ] I’ve greeted you at 12am of your birthday (I’ve stayed up that late for you…lol)
[ ] We’ve stayed up all night chatting, texting, or Starbucks-ing
[ ] I give you a Pasalubong when I go away (& you’re expecting a Pasalubong when I get
[ ] You’ve heard my corny joke and you tried to laugh (haha)
[ ] You know who my crushes are (or ex? Lol)
[ ] We’ve had silent moments together (
[ ] I’ve brought you to Jzone (or maybe I tried to)
[ ] We’ve gone out of town (school/ retreat/ vacation)
[ ] You’ve explored my phone (Like you’ve seen my pics and read my
[ ] You knew about my family problems

[ ] You tell me secrets
[ ] You’ve told someone (friend or family) about me
[ ] You’ve shared your problems to me
[ ] You rant to me
[ ] You’re emailing/ ym-ing me (Like now that I’m away!!! Lol)

[ ] I’ve told you (or you know) how thankful I am to God for being my friend (so

[ ] You will post your scores here. (HAHA! If you post here, you’re really a friend, man! =)

^^Hahaha! I can’t think of another 40 statements anymore. Lol. Well, at least, the lowest score would be 20 or 40%. Not bad. LMAO. Hahaha. Am kidding. Lol. Actually, for the last one, I wanted it to be plus 100. Lol. Coz you guys don’t visit this blog and don’t comment at all. This is actually important to me. I express my feelings and whatever here. (Like about my Miss List, only a few people have read it, I think... Less than 5, FIVE, people responded to it. How depressing!) I’m homesick and I miss you guys. Just a simple haller to my Cbox or a comment will make me damn happy! Lol. Haha. Ang drama. Lmao.

So, guys… Post your scores in my comments! I’ll strangle your necks if you don’t. (I can track my visitors here in the blog by the way. I’m serious. I have a tracker!!! :P)

Lemme see who among my friends really miss me and takes the time to read and answer this thang. Lol. It's a total of 100, just in case you don't know. lol. So it won't be hard to get the percentage. lol. Hehe. XD


Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Greatest Love

I met HIM when I was six
It must be love or just a puppy love?
Whatever it was, I was damn sure I love HIM
So I wanted to follow HIM.

As I grow up, I loved HIM everyday of my life
Through thick and thin, what a great friendship
We were like more than best friends
My whole world revolved around HIM.

But I saw just a young innocent girl back then
Didn’t know exactly what love really meant
They say it is a great feeling… Oh really?
Well, it didn’t turn out as how it should be.

I got fed up with how my life went
Until HE left me, which I never thought HE will
I wanted to give up like what HE did
So I started to do the same thing—forget.

When I started to love others, HE wanted to go back
I tried to ignore but HE kept popping on mind
HE is making me confused. Why is HE like that?
HE wanted me to realize that HE is my Greatest Love.

Then one day, I realized HE was right
HE truly is my Greatest Love
No matter what happened along the way
I still love HIM and HE always loved me

I failed HIM a thousand times
But HE forgave me wholeheartedly
What more can I say?
HE truly is my Greatest Love.

[Edited. I'll tell you guys more. Just in case you don't have any idea whom I am referring to. lol. haha.]

**I'm so sure you guys know HIM... Leave a comment, aye? :) Well, I just thought of writing this out of my aimlessness. lol. I'm so in love with HIM -- God. Haha. I know my relationship with Him is now better than ever. :) So, to some of you thinking so much who it is, here's the damn answer. lol. Someone is dying to know. OMG. Must be jealous. lol. Just kiddin!!! Haha.**