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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Alright. Out my of aimlessness, I thought of creating this survey for you guys to measure up how close we are. Lol. Put x’s in front of those statements or phrases which you know about me, or things we’ve done together. (I'm not sure if you can copy this all and post it in my comments. If it can't be, just post your SCORES aye) HAHA. Let’s see how many close and true friends I really have. Nah, just joking. As long as you are my friend, we’re always friends. Eventhough we’re just 10% close. Lol. Just for fun guys! =) No lying. Lmao. XD (Read my rant below…lol)

[ ] You know my full name
[ ] You know the meaning of name— FEI
[ ] You know my birthday
[ ] You personally know anyone in my family
[ ] You know where I live

[ ] A Christian
[ ] Shy-type & Quiet (yah rightt)
[ ] A Java Junkie (loves coffee)
[ ] Adventurous (I’ve done mountain hiking, rock climbing, caving, camping, to name a few)
[ ] Makulet (oh
[ ] Matampuhin (as in..haha)
[ ] Maarte (in some
[ ] Caring
[ ] Laitera (
[ ] Understanding
[ ] Demanding (hahaha! :P)
[ ] Overprotective (haha!)
[ ] Mallrat (loves the mall)
[ ] Allergic to crabs (lol)

[ ] I’ve kissed you (beso
[ ] We’ve hugged each other
[ ] I have slept on your shoulders (or vice versa)

[ ] You’ve seen me cry
[ ] You’ve heard my rant
[ ] You know something about my love life (LOL)

[ ] We’ve been to the mall together
[ ] We’ve been to the mall, just the two of us (girl
[ ] We’ve gone Starbucks-ing, or any other coffee shops
[ ] We’ve gone shopping together
[ ] I have treated you (or vice versa)

[ ] You’re my friend in Friendster/ Bebo/ Multiply
[ ] You know my Blogspot/ Blogchex/ Squidoo (and you visit them!)
[ ] You’ve been on my top/ featured friends
[ ] I always comment on your page eventhough you hardly reply (lol)
[ ] I say I Miss You/ I Love You in my comments (haha)

[ ] plastics
[ ] mess
[ ] to see you cry (lol)
[ ] to see you broken hearted (lol again)

RANDOM STUFFS (whatever…lol)
[ ] You knew my flight was 29th of May 2007
[ ] You’ve tried wearing my glasses, just for fun
[ ] You’ve checked out my wallet (it’s a personal stuff so really uber close friends see it. Lol)
[ ] I’m a Chocoholic (& you’ve given me a chocolate)
[ ] My favorite color is blue (You know that about 90% of my clothes and things are BLUE)
[ ] I gave you a sentimental gift (something that is really important to me)
[ ] I’ve greeted you at 12am of your birthday (I’ve stayed up that late for you…lol)
[ ] We’ve stayed up all night chatting, texting, or Starbucks-ing
[ ] I give you a Pasalubong when I go away (& you’re expecting a Pasalubong when I get
[ ] You’ve heard my corny joke and you tried to laugh (haha)
[ ] You know who my crushes are (or ex? Lol)
[ ] We’ve had silent moments together (
[ ] I’ve brought you to Jzone (or maybe I tried to)
[ ] We’ve gone out of town (school/ retreat/ vacation)
[ ] You’ve explored my phone (Like you’ve seen my pics and read my
[ ] You knew about my family problems

[ ] You tell me secrets
[ ] You’ve told someone (friend or family) about me
[ ] You’ve shared your problems to me
[ ] You rant to me
[ ] You’re emailing/ ym-ing me (Like now that I’m away!!! Lol)

[ ] I’ve told you (or you know) how thankful I am to God for being my friend (so

[ ] You will post your scores here. (HAHA! If you post here, you’re really a friend, man! =)

^^Hahaha! I can’t think of another 40 statements anymore. Lol. Well, at least, the lowest score would be 20 or 40%. Not bad. LMAO. Hahaha. Am kidding. Lol. Actually, for the last one, I wanted it to be plus 100. Lol. Coz you guys don’t visit this blog and don’t comment at all. This is actually important to me. I express my feelings and whatever here. (Like about my Miss List, only a few people have read it, I think... Less than 5, FIVE, people responded to it. How depressing!) I’m homesick and I miss you guys. Just a simple haller to my Cbox or a comment will make me damn happy! Lol. Haha. Ang drama. Lmao.

So, guys… Post your scores in my comments! I’ll strangle your necks if you don’t. (I can track my visitors here in the blog by the way. I’m serious. I have a tracker!!! :P)

Lemme see who among my friends really miss me and takes the time to read and answer this thang. Lol. It's a total of 100, just in case you don't know. lol. So it won't be hard to get the percentage. lol. Hehe. XD


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