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Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Greatest Love

I met HIM when I was six
It must be love or just a puppy love?
Whatever it was, I was damn sure I love HIM
So I wanted to follow HIM.

As I grow up, I loved HIM everyday of my life
Through thick and thin, what a great friendship
We were like more than best friends
My whole world revolved around HIM.

But I saw just a young innocent girl back then
Didn’t know exactly what love really meant
They say it is a great feeling… Oh really?
Well, it didn’t turn out as how it should be.

I got fed up with how my life went
Until HE left me, which I never thought HE will
I wanted to give up like what HE did
So I started to do the same thing—forget.

When I started to love others, HE wanted to go back
I tried to ignore but HE kept popping on mind
HE is making me confused. Why is HE like that?
HE wanted me to realize that HE is my Greatest Love.

Then one day, I realized HE was right
HE truly is my Greatest Love
No matter what happened along the way
I still love HIM and HE always loved me

I failed HIM a thousand times
But HE forgave me wholeheartedly
What more can I say?
HE truly is my Greatest Love.

[Edited. I'll tell you guys more. Just in case you don't have any idea whom I am referring to. lol. haha.]

**I'm so sure you guys know HIM... Leave a comment, aye? :) Well, I just thought of writing this out of my aimlessness. lol. I'm so in love with HIM -- God. Haha. I know my relationship with Him is now better than ever. :) So, to some of you thinking so much who it is, here's the damn answer. lol. Someone is dying to know. OMG. Must be jealous. lol. Just kiddin!!! Haha.**


Anonymous said...


Nice poem Fei....^_^
expresses what u feel..^_^

God Bless!

Anonymous said...


u really did some changes??....

cant remember which one?....^_^


God Bless!

My name is Fei Yie. said...

HEY anonymous. lol. Yes. There's something new.. lol. XD

Ashen said...

that's a great composition! see? i told you so! you're just as talented as your friend, Jenni, is.