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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ha-FEI Birthday to me!!! Lol.

Hey guys. =) **Read**

Today is the 7th day of February in the year 2008. God has blessed me with another one year in my life. Wow. Praise God for that! :D

My gosh. Sometimes, I just think that my 18th year was just a WASTED YEAR for me. Am serious, I really said before that my 18th year was just terrible. I wanna forget it. Lol. Why? In my entire 18th year, I didn’t even go to school. What a waste, man. My classmates would be juniors this June, and I’m gonna start college all over again. Screw that up! They would be working in probably about 2 years time while me, I’m still studying. Lmao. Another waste of time is that I’m in this country called Fiji which is probably the MOST BORING country ever!!! My golly. This place just can’t fit to my lifestyle, dude. Lol. Where’s the technology? Where are the malls? This is so old-fashioned and all. I so wanna go home. This won’t do any good. SHEESH.

HEY! This not another RANT. Or another I-WANNA-GO-HOME shoutout or cry. Oh puh-leeze. I’m not gonna spoil my Birthday! HAHAHA. :P

Alright. Let’s look at the BRIGTHER SIDE. Lol. We should learn how to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS. We should THANK GOD for everything that is happening in our lives, like my fave verse says. “In everything gives THANKS for THIS IS the WILL OF GOD in Christ Jesus CONCERNING YOU,” I Thessalonians 5:18. We only have one life and we should give it our BEST SHOT.

Let’s go back one year ago… (lol)

In year 2007, I knew I’m leaving in few months time. Gosh. We were actually supposed to leave December 2006! We just got delayed and delayed and delayed. How’s that? Haha. Lmao. Well anyways, yah. How many of you know that sometimes, we have to learn how to WAIT. In that “delay period”, God has made wonders, man. Like, I learned a lot. I made new friends. I went to a JZONER Retreat in April, which is so amazing, what a blessing. I won friends to Christ. We have fixed our family’s relationship. God is really always in the right timing even though for us, it’s so wrong. Lol. It’s just so cool, man. =)

I have mentioned the stuffs that has happened in those delay periods in one of my entries in my Multiply blog. ( & Feel free to read it and get blessed. Wahehe. Long story short, yes, I sometimes look at it negatively but there is always a brighter side. And I know them. Coz I believe that there are no coinsidences nor accidents. Everything is God’s Will and He always has a PURPOSE.

I’ve been here in Fiji for more than 7 months now. And probably you’ve heard my rant that I WAS dying to go HOME. Take note of the linking verb I used alright—WAS. Lol. Meaning, not anymore. Yep, I have already accepted the fact that I’m gonna suffer 2 more years here in this place. Woops. Lol. I mean, I’m gonna STAY here in Fiji prolly till dad’s contract expires in Feb 2010. (Hey, fret not, I’ll go for v-cay in Phils! :P) This could be oh-so weird but well, God gave me a vision of what am I supposed to do here. I’m not saying He talked to me like how He talked to Abraham and Moses, but yah, He talked to me in some amazing ways. I can’t tell more, it’s hard to explain. Lol. SO YAHH. My point is I don’t wanna feel bad anymore for staying here, I know I’m so homesick, but God can help and sustain me with that. Am here in Fiji to do His Will, He has a purpose.

One of the main reasons of being here is to be with the family. Alright, we had a terrible family relationship way back. Like you know, parents are busy, kids left with househelpers, don’t have much time together, stuffs like that. Yeh, my parents almost separated but by God’s grace, it didn’t happen. Then, being here means household chores. MY GOSH. This is the place where I’m learning, and I so don’t like them at times. GEE. Until now, my parents tell me I’m so lazy and all. Geez. Like, I’m the senyorita type at home. LOL. Haha. But yah, I now know. I’m 19 now, I gotta be responsible and mature. Yuck. Lol. Hahaha. And then, hmmm, He blessed us with a great church, man. Potter’s House Christian Church. In this church, I grow my relationship with God more. I became more faithful than ever. Every service just touch my heart, just like in CCF and JZONE (I miss em by the way, esp Jzone.). He gave me nice friends. Kahit konte pa lang sila, ok lang. I’ll get more friends when I go to school. All am asking for is… uhh. Lol. Secret. Lmao. Hahaha! XD [That’s my birthday!]

I’m going to school next month!!! Ok, should I get excited? Lol. XD I got a lot of plans for school. Goshness. Haha. Man, I gotta study hard this time. I should not be lazy like I was in my first year in UST. Fees are damn expensive, we’re talking about dollars here. Hahaha! Lol. OMG. I’m excited, I’m afraid. Mixed emotions, dude. Lmao.

Well anyways…

Back to the present time. lol. This is the start of my Nineteenth year!!! =) I got resolutions [like New Years Resolution…lol. Kung Hei Fat Coi!!!], I got plans, I got prayers. I don’t wanna make this year a year of missed opportunities or some waste of time. I’m gonna start this right. I pray God will use my according to His Will and Purpose. I hope all the things that I’ll do will be pleasing to Him.

I’ll probably learn a lot here in Fiji. Like now, I’m actuallybeginning to realize some things. Maybe when I get back, I could say Genesis 41:52. Nyeckz. Lol. Hehe. I’ve been so challenged in my first 7 months, and I’m expecting even more challenges as well as blessings and life’s lessons. I just keep on trusting Him no matter what. =) I AM OFFICIALLY LIKING FIJI NOW.. Cheers to that!! lol.

So till here na lang. Haha. Miss you all. Hope you guys are doing great. You all suck. Not making paramdam!!! AMFNESS!!! Lol. Hahaha. Promise, kung sino lang nakaka-alala, sila lang yung may pasalubong pag balik ko! WAHAHAHA! My gosh. Sana naaalala niyo din ako. Yuck. Nyahahaa! :P

You guys all take care and God bless!


1 comment:

casey said...

belated happy birthday fei. :)
god bless. :)