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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My First Day at Uni

It was my first day at Uni yesterday. That's 27th of Feb. (As you can see, we are advance here. lol. It's past 1am here now.) Well anyways...

I just has one class, at 4pm. Microeconomics. Hahahaha! I chose my own sked. Yeah, I chose sked in the aftie so I can sleep late and wake up late. *tamad* lol. XD

From our place, we have to catch the bus twice. Yes, we're commuting. amf. lol. From our place to this place named Nabua, then another bus to the university. We left like 3:20, I think. Gosh. I thought we won't be delayed or whatever. There's no traffic here. So I can't make an excuse that it is traffic. Wahahaha! XD Anyways... We got delayed a bit coz you know, people goes down to their destination, then we stopped in this school and there were about 20 of them who went in. Goshness. Ang tagal nila, promise. lol. XD

I was a bit late on my first tutorial, as we call it. lol. As I went in, they are having an activity. The tutor, or professor, walked to me and gave me the course outline and assignment and then explained to me the activity. Special diba. lol. Nyahaha. We were only 14 in the room. And it's not air-conditioned but it was cool. It's well-ventilated like Ateneo. lol.

So yah, we got partners. Meet and greet stuff. I would be the one to introduce my partner then he would introduce me. My partner was named Tony. This is his info:

1. Name: Tony Baleilau
2. 3 things nobody know about him:
- He's from Tavueni.
- He's part Rotuman.
- They are 7 in the family.
3. 2 things about him:
- He plays volleyball.
- He likes music.

So yah. I was the one who did the talking for him. At first, I had a soft voice, as always. lol. Moving on...

These are the info I gave him:

1. Fei Anne Adricula
2. I'm a Filipino with a bit of Spanish and Chinese.
- I'm from the Philippines. (haha!)
- I'll be here till 2010.


They asked me about this Filipino series that was a big hit here in Fiji. The Gulong ng Palad. I didn't watch it. But I was so aware about that coz it was the talk of the town. hahaha. That was several months ago, man. There are new series. But yah, they were amazed that I'm a Filipino. lol. The prof asked me why am I here. I said my dad had a job offer here. Then they asked me if my parents are doctors. Coz most of the Filipinos who are here are doctors. I said no, he's an Elevator Engineer. So there. Haha.

It's just fun coz they still have the Gulong Fever. They call it Gulong for short. How aimless. lol. XD

3. I am a quiet person.
- I'm a Christian.

I was really having a hard time of what to tell him bout me. lol. Kamusta naman diba, he's a guy. lol. So as I was thinking, he suggested "good-looking". Goodness! I wouldn't say that to the class. Like, come on. It's nakakahiya. Cockiness! Bahahaha. Man, like, how can he say that? Toinks. XD

So yahh. Next week, that class would be for 2 hours. Oh gosh. We had an assignment. lol. Like, I am on DFL so I would really have an assignment. lmao. XD

DFL is Distance Flexible Learning. We would study at home, online, at our own time. But we would attend tutorials at least an hour a week. Woooh. I'm still aimless at home! lol. Bwahahaha! No lectures to attend to. XD It'll be fun though. But yah, it's a bit boring. But hey, I can study on my own. Walang epal! Walang istorbo! And I won't stress myself that much. And of course, I don't have to spend much. I can go out pa rin! lmao. :))

After classes, we went to Cost U Less to buy Twisties and chocolates. Whittakers!! yumyum! lol. XD

I remembered my first day in UST. lol. I turned right when I was at the 4th floor. It was supposed to be left for our classroom, 416. lol. And then, I was late. I was not yet in my uniform. My name was called already. The subject was Philosophy. And on the first day, our prof shouted. lol. hahahaha! XD

1 comment:

Hiro said...

Seems like you had fun, and found someone fun!

I can't wait to go to college this fall either~!
Even though I'm scared too. XD

These days I seriously wish I could understand tagalog... -_-;
Everyone seems to be blogging in them... *feels left out*