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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Burning West

We went to Nadi, aka the burning west, last Friday night.That is like in the west side of Fiji and it was really hot.. That's the place where we got off the plane. lol. The International Airport was there. HAHA. I could have just ride the plane there and went home. But the prob is, I don't have a ticket. LOL. XD

So there. The church congregation left Suva, Fiji's capital and where our church is, at like 9am of Friday. We're gonna have an exam at 4-5pm of that day so we'll just go at nigh with the other USP students of the church. It just suck coz most of our real close friends are not there. They went off earlier that day so we felt left out.. Grr! I'm with my sis, just so you know. :p

I finished that damn exam in 15 minutes! Like seriously.. lol. It was just Computer man. But it just pissed me off because we have to stay for that exam. And because of that, it spoiled the Nadi Rally experience! The Nadi Rally is when the Suva church gathers up with the church in Nadi, the Potter's House Church. The Suva Church is the Mother Church here in Fiji. It a worldwide fellowship. Anyways... We missed the first service on Friday night and the free time in the aftie. We could have went around the city sana! lol. HAHA. Coz that's like the tourist spot here. lmao.

The road trip was like crazy and fun. HAHA. We were singing Christian songs. It was cool. I recorded some. lmao. :p

When we got there, we went to our room. Our mom is already there. Then we slept as soon as possible. We were tired. tsk.

In the morning, we had a service. 3 preachings. lol. Had some snacks. And after the last one, we went off the streets and did an outreach. You guys know what an outreach is, ey? That's when you preach the Gospel. Witness to people about Jesus.

I totally suck in outreaches. I still don't have the face to talk to random people and share. Maybe simply because I am a 'stranger' in a foreign land. Man, I can't just talk to them like that. Just because I'm a foreigner, do you think they would talk to me? lol.. Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes, I just think that maybe I can do it---in Phils. Coz that is my home. I can talk to fellow Filipinos. Argh. This sucks. I can't take the rejection. amf. Hehe. It is tough, but that is a part of the Christian life. Dang. When will I ever learn to conquer it? God help me. =|

I didn't take a lot of photos. I know, it sucks. lol. Sorry! haha. I was really not in the mood. Everything was not that fine. lmao.

But the messages in the services was like God is talking to me. I realized a lot of stuffs! Oh man. It's very long to write. Maybe the next time I get the chance. Haha. ;p

We spent our free time at our Filipino friend's house while the others are like swimming in the hotel. HAHA. We watched a Fil series. It was fun. XD

The evening service started at 5pm. After that, we left na. The bus ride was damn tiring. The youths never went to sleep. There were some, of course. And I was one of those who slept. lol. They just sang all the time. HAHA. Got back in Centerpoint, Suva at like 10:30pm.

I missed the church today. Was supposed to wake up at 8am for the 9:30am Sunday School. But we overslept. Mom woke us up at 10:30!!! Like, hello! 10:30 is the service. And I'm gonna sing in the back-up!!! I was so pissed and it made me depressed. I missed it!!! I missed the time to go up there and sing for Him!!! Grrr.. ='(

When I went to the shower to take a bath, I was literally crying. For everything. I guess, I'm now lacking time for Him. I often miss my Bible reading and prayer. For some non-sense things like surfing this damn internet. lol. I know I'm wrong. Now, I'm suffering the consequences. I'm being punished, the hard way. lol. I thought of a lot of things happened, happening, and would happen in my life when I was in the shower. lmao. Gosh. That is another long story! HAHA.

Bottom line is... I wanna be a more effective Christian and I wanna be more responsible too. Hello, I'm 19! And I'm so irresponsible and lazy. I'm gonna have my MidSem Test next week in Accounting and Microeconomics. And I haven't studied yet. We aint attending the lectures and we often miss the tutorials. Just because, we're DFL students, we're getting more lazy. tsktsk.

Well I guess, one of the factor that makes me lazy and irresponsible is the fact that I no longer wanna be here. I so wanna go home. I feel and think that I'll do better in UST (my school), and in Jzone (our Youth Ministry). Haaaaaaayz..........

I need some big help. I should know my priorities and responsibilities. PRAY FOR ME.

So that's a short story about my weekend. lol.

1 comment:

van said...

People looking for this "greener pastures" were usually motivated by the thought that they would be providing something better for their family.

In your case, your parents have to work hard to give a better life for you and your siblings.

But then I think you already know these things despite the fact that you still have questions about it :)

Basta Fei, despite homesickness, remember that you are fortunate that you are able to see and experince another world. While most die without even tasting even a small part of what life has to offer.