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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Living the Life

We went to the University of the South Pacific a while ago. That's where we studied last semester. I failed 3 courses so I quit it. We told our parents to send us back home next year. So yeah, we'll see how it goes.

While we were in USP, we hanged out with the Potters House USP gang, as they call it. lol. Here's a picture of us. Some where not here coz they went somewhere. lol.

They asked us how our classes were. And we were like "Oh no, we already quit school." They were like "How come?" They asked us what are we gonna do then while waiting for our flight back home. We said, "Well, we would be aimless bums." HAHAHA. Like eat, sleep, surf the net, and go out with friends. One of them said something like "burn out cash." LOL. And the other said, we are "living the life".

We might be living the life now coz we are not worrying about assignments, grades, and other school stuffs now. I'm pretty sure that when we go back to school, whether here or back home, we would be like geeks. I mean like, hello! We don't wanna fail and waste money again. Sigh.

I know this is so unproductive. Being lazy bums are not pleasing to the Lord. We should get a life. lol. I'm considering studying in IOTA (Institute of Technology Australia) but then if we do, we can't go home next year yet. And I doubt it if it would be credited to the Phil university am attending when I get back. Wasted time, money, and effort. So, what's the right thing to do? ARGH! I just pray to God for some enlightenment. Oh dear.

After the short meet up in USP, us girls went to town to have a late late lunch at 5pm. Lunch because we were really supposed to get lunch. Well, it ended up more like early dinner. lol. With some stuff we talked about there, it made me think again about some important things. Like, staying in Fiji. I found out that the minimum wage here in Fiji is $8,000 per annum. We are blessed with how much dad is earning. Well, we are not in the poverty line in the Phils anyway. lol.

About schooling, we have also talked about studying all those boring subjects when in reality, you can't apply all of them anyway, right? lol. We talked about investing and marriage too. How aimless we can get. HAHAHAHA. But it was fun though. Imagine us 5 or 10 years from now. Well, well, well. Who would be living the life God wanted us to be? I hope we all obey His Will for us. Man, I'm gonna miss these girls when we leave.

Anyhow, here's an aimless picture at Chicken Express after eating. HAHA.

After Chicken Express, we had coffee and cakes at Gloria Jeans. Hehe. So yeah. Chatted for some time, took pics and vids, then went home at 7pm. haha.

Around 9pm, when we met some friends again. They just live nearby so we got ice cream from KFC, which happens to be near our homes as well. haha. Talked about anything and then took really aimless, cute, and funny pictures and videos. We ended the aimlessness at like 10:30pm. OMG. How can we stay that late outside. LOL. hahaha! It was a fun and tiring day.

Are we living the life? Get a life, Fei. lol.

The Life and Lifestyle I Want

Woohoo. Let's get serious here. LOL.

Well, although I don't believe in the education system anymore, I would still love to get a degree. haha. Why do dislike the education system now? Useless courses. Plus the school teaches us to study hard, get a job, work your ass out, retire. Still people get broke, not enough money for the bills, too much work and no more time for family, poor retirement plan. Where's the life, yo? lol. If you know Robert Kiyosaki, you know what am talkin about. I like his books. Hehe. He speaks about reality. Money runs the world now. Because of it, most people work for it, thus, they neglect what life is really all about. It's all about God!

I wanna have a business. A business that will work for me not me working for it. Something that would generate residual income so I can have the time of my life. Ok, this is not all about money, the important thing to me is the time freedom. I don't wanna get much stress from my business. When I was a kid, I rarely see my parents. So yeah. I don't wanna work too much coz I wanna have more time for my future family. (woohoo! am so thinking ahead ae? LOL) This is also the reason why I am so into Internet Marketing now. hehe

So yeah, I might be so lazy at the moment; no school, I just stay at home but I know what I am doing. But still, I need God to move upon my laziness! hehe. I know what my goals and dreams in life are. May God direct me to that path.

Till next time,

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