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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Stress-Free Life

Or, is it really stress-free? looool.

Well, to those who have been reading my blog posts here, I am an out of school youth. LOL. Not because of lack of money of lack of brain. lol. haha. I chose not to study for a while because of the difference of the curriculum here in Fiji. I hate studying Foundation coz I hated my High School subjects and have forgotten them already! HAHAHA. So yeah, I don't wanna waste another $ for studying courses I don't like.

Well anyways, my sister and I have been talking to mom about studying this past few days. She was asking us if we're still gonna go to IOTA (Institute of Technology Australia). She was asking us what we really wanna do. If we're still going back to school here or if we want to really go home next year. And we were like so undecided about it. I should have been on my junior year now. If I'm going back next year, my classmates and batchmates would be like in senior year. And as for me, I will be a darn FRESHMAN again. S-h-a-m-e! HAHAHA. Coz I had a lot of breaks from school. So it sucks. tsk tsk...

Anyhoo, forget about that. We might go back to university next semester, which is next year. We might go back to the University of the South Pacific. Hopefully. Let's see how things will go.

I am currently just at home. Sleeping all day, surfing all night (coz the connection is FASTER during wee hours of the night), go to church and hangout with friends. Looooong vacation! STRESS-FREE. No school, no assignments, and whatever. No work too, I can't work coz I'm like in a foreign land, you know. lmao.

Do you think it's fun? No, not really. Yeah, in some ways, it is fun. But sometimes, it just suck.

Fun because I get no stress. But well, being a bummer is sometimes a stress! Got nothing to do... HAHAHAHA. The only work I do is wash the dishes. That's it. lol. But mom's scolding is stressful. She sometimes scold us for being soooo lazy! hehe.

And this laziness is demonic. If you're a Christian, you should know. And I pray that I get over this very soon. I so wanna change. But I got nothing to do anyway. lol.

How many of you know that whatever we do in life, stress is right there. School, work, relationships, friendships, or whatever. As long as you live in the world, you are going to encounter some sort of stress in your life. And it's up to you how you deal with it.

Till next time,

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