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Friday, October 24, 2008

I wanna play the guitar

Hmm. Well, I think I wanna play the guitar when my sister and I make a band in church. Not really a band, we would have a singing duet soon. lol. XD

Well, if not the guitar, I would like to learn how to play the keyboard. My childhood dream was to learn how to play the violin but what kind of songs can I play with that, right? lol.

It supposed to be a trio. My sis, another Filipino girl friend, and me. But because of devil's work, she was forbidden to attend our church ever again by her dad. Aww, man. If she can just join us, she knows how to play the guitar. No more problemo! hehe.

Anyways, about me and my sis putting up a duet, we'll see. I'm still thinking of what and how to tell Pastor. haha. We are in the back up singing roster but it's like we wanna get more exposed. *what* lol. Nah, we wanna use the singing talent God gave us. lmao. But yeah, we so wanna sing lately. We are even practicing some songs. Hillsong United! woohooo!

So there, I don't have much to write right now so that's all I wanna say. hehe.

Peace out. Sing for Jesus!

Till next time,

1 comment:

Magdalen Islands said...

I play the guitar and the piano but you know, the violin or fiddle is great in any type of music, too. I've tried to learn it but it isn't as easy as it looks.
I just became your friend at APSense.