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Friday, February 6, 2009

One More Day Before My Birthday

Well, I really got nothing to say right now. haha.

Yes, it's my 20th birthday tomorrow. Goodbye teenage years!

Maybe I would write later. As of now, I just finished a page where you give can send me 'gifts'. This page will my personal site where I keep my stuffs and just do whatever. So, the greetings will probably be lost after my birthday. Anyways, watch out for some fun stuffs there!

Ok, here's the page. Don't forget to drop a line, and a 'gift' too. haha.

Go to this page >>




Rain said...

Happy birthday - advance!
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a nice weekend too.

Jena said...

hi fei :)

it's me again. haha. happy birthday! :D always praying for you. :)