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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is Being A Christian Hard?

I got saved when I was like 6 years old. I knew I was a sinner so I repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. So that makes me a Christian since then. I grew up in Sunday School and went to a Christian School. It's actually a Baptist denomination so it has been a strong Christian background, plus it's kinda old school. No loud music, no raising of hands, no clapping, no dancing and your clothes should be really conservative. By the way, I'm now a Born Again Christian but I don't mock the Baptists. I believe that religion will never save us from Hell and get us to Heaven because the only way is through Jesus Christ. By repentance and acceptance of Him, we will be saved. A real Christian is have a personal relationship with God.

Being a Christian is definitely NOT the end of all the problems you have. Some people think that when you become a Christian, God will make your life perfect. He can do that but not too fast. Christianity is a journey. You will still encounter difficulties in life but of course, God will help you all the way as long as you rely on Him and keep the faith. This is how He tells us that we obviously need Him and He is the source of everything. He is the answer.

Another reason why we still struggle in life is because being a Christian makes Satan mad. He doesn't want us to follow God because all Satan wants is for us to commit sin and live with it. Being a Christian is hard because our enemy is Satan.

As a Christian, we must always try to endure all the pains. Believe in God always and keep the faith because one day, all of these will be gone.

Being a Christian might be hard but remember that with God, nothing is impossible! He is always there for us so we should always rely on Him.



Fandhie said...

very nice post..
I'm a Christian too..
born as a Christian but there were a phase in my life when I deny and don't believe in God anymore..
but I'm so grateful He's very kind to me and take me back in the right path.
I agree that being a Christian never means that our life will be easier but we always know that we have a Great God and Great Lord Jesus to rely on.. so we can through all those struggle life easier... :)

Grand Paragon said...

love your post

Brandon said...

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