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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm back >>

Hey guys!

Well, my blog is alive again! lol. Gee. I deleted everything and made a new one. Coz the old one is just crazy. This new Blogger is cooler. lol. Anyways, enough for that, you might not get it. Teehee. :P

I don't know what to say. Hehe! Introdution? Gee. I'm lazy to make one. HAHA! Well, I guess I don't have to do that anymore coz I know you know me personally. Right? If you're just a passer-by, uhmm.. Just visit my profiles on Friendster, Bebo, or whatever. lmao.

I've been here in Fiji for about 7 months now. Wow! I'm still surviving! Hahahah! Gee. I'm actually dying to go home now for lots of reasons. But yah, my Heavenly Dad also wants me to stay here for even more reasons, I guess. Shox! I just don't know what to do. I wanted to give up, like a thousand times but, oh well, I still trust Him on what His purpose might be. I still keep the faith even though I am actually giving up and yeh, sometimes, I just feel hopeless.

I uber miss my friends in the Philippines. How I miss the times we go to the malls, make endless chikkas in the Starbucks, DVD marathons, etc etc. I miss the fun being with them. Amf.

I miss my home country. The lifestyle! Manila, dude. HAHA! I grew up in Manila. So I basically know everything what's happening in my country's capital. lol. The newest malls, the hippest places, and stuffs like that. Daym. Maybe, I'm just so aimless here in Fiji. Not used to it all. Yah I know I've been here for like 7 months now. But mann. I just can't help it. I'm homesick!! So what? I'm just not yet used to it all.

How much time and energy do we spend wishing things were how they used to be? We often think about times in our past when things were different and want our lives to be like that again. Some of us have even come to believe that our best days may actually be behind us. But if we’re in some way hung up on the past, what does that mean for our lives now? How are we and those around us affected if we’re not fully present? If we’re longing for the way things used to be, what does that really say about our understanding and appreciation of our lives today? Maybe we need to learn to embrace our past for what it is, in order to live our lives to the fullest, right here, right now.

That was something from my Dgroup leader. Several weeks ago, like early January, I was crying to her at YM telling her I wanna give up. I wanna go home. Not that I really don't like it here or whatever, I'm just so homesick and all. Well, I know God has a plan for everything. I know I gotta accept the fact that I'm gonna stay here for quite some time, I just couldn't handle it at the moment maybe. As I've said, this was not the lifestyle I've used to have. Look, I'm just staying at home. I'm not used to household chores. But oh well....

One of the reasons God put us here is for our family. I suggest you guys check out my Blogchex or Squidoo for my "life's testimony" to give you a brief summary of my life. lol. Haha. The links are somewhere at the right of this blog. lmao. ;p SO yahh.. That's actually one of the reasons. When I was in Phil, it's more on friends than family. Well, here... I know you get the picture. Haha! Gee. That's so mushy! lol. XD

Anyways. I think I've said what I wanna say in this first post here at Blogger. You guys just check my Blogchex or Squidoo to understand more. If you are just interested or something. lol. Haha!

Till next post >>

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