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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Panic - An Undersea Volcano Erupts

So, according to the news just a bit a while ago, there was a TSUNAMI WARNING here in Fiji. My mom went out of her room and started telling us that we should go to a high place because someone called her up and told us to do so. (We are already living in one of the highest places in Fiji, for Pete's sake. lol) The warning came in at 8am.

There was an undersea volcano erupting near Tonga. And as you know, Tonga is part of the South Pacific. When I went online, I saw that news on Yahoo's homepage but I didn't bother to check it out coz it's not in Fiji anyway. The warning was issued because there was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that has occured 400 kilometers away from Fiji..

I was effin nervous a while ago! WUHAHA. Because of mom. lol. I was like "I wanna go home first before I die". lmao. But well, seriously, I'm not that afraid coz I know God is with me, us.. XD

Here's another interesting picture of 'the scene'. I really liked this one. It's taken from the capital of Tonga, Nuku'alofa:

Anyways, the warning was cancelled at 8:30am. So, no need to panic. Sheesh. :p

Stories can be read here:

Pics are taken from Yahoo News.

Well, you guys have a great, wonderful and awesome weekend!


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