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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today, Monday, is my mom's birthday. Just right after Mothers' Day. Cool huh? Just one gift for two ocassions. lol

So yeah. Even if my mom didn't really take care of us when we were kids because she was also busy then, she's making up now. Although it's a bit corny because we're teenagers now, it's cool.

Mom is sometimes very temperamental. And like other moms, there are things that embarrass the kids, if you know what I mean. We hate it when she talks so much. lol. Haha. We're not very expressive but we love her. She always prays for us, one thing mom should really do. When she gets mad, she gets mad the whole day. lol

Love you, Mommy!



chard said...

Wow. That's nice, and even if we always judge the food she cooks for us, we seldom say how much she means to us, WE CAN NEVER HIDE FROM OURSELVES that she is one of the biggest part of our existence.

Fandhie said...

both of u look so happy...
happy belated b'day to your mum.
wish her all the best