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Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

As of this writing, it's December 15th, 3am here in Fiji. LOL

My dad's birthday was yesterday, Dec 14th. Dad, mom, April and I went to eat lunch out at Pizza Hut after church to celebrate dad's 50th birthday. Since it's a really hot day and most of us are really sleepy, we just decided to eat at the nearest place. haha. So yeah, we ended up eating at Pizza Hut. We just celebrated it as a family so we kept it simple. Sad thing, my brothers were not there.

So yeah, I just feel like blogging about my beloved Daddy. hihi. People say I really look like him. I have another photo without my glasses. I don't look much like him with it. haha. And I don't like myself without glasses anymore. LOL

Anyways, I am the "daddy's girl" in the family. Me and my dad are really close and we get along. We even go shopping sometimes. haha. I get what I want, but of course, there's a limitation. wehehe. But of course, we sometimes have misunderstanding. When he gets angry, I shut up, unlike to mom where I sometimes answer back. Woops. I could say I am really closer to dad than mom. Mom used to dislike me because of our closeness. hahaha. Oh well.

My birthday wish (birthday prayer rather) for him is that he will always have the strength at work. That he will always remain faithful to God. That he will always be patient with his sometimes-rebellious teenage sons and daughters. HAHA. That he will always give us money (JOKE JOKE JOKE). hahaha. Just kidding but that okay. :P And lastly, that he will still see my kids. NYAHAHA. I know he will, by God's grace. Because he's got no vices anyway. :D

I thank God for this time here in Fiji where he can spend time with us. I mean, not like in Philippines where most of his projects are out of town and sometimes out of the country. Yeah, he used to be not home oftentimes. So I really thank God for this time. hehe.

He's obviously one of my inspirations. Since he has been giving me so much (even til now that I'm over 18), I will give things back to him in the future. I want to take care of him (and mom of course) when they grow old and retire. Yeha. XD

Love you always, dad! Thanks for everything! <3

Till next time,


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