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Friday, December 12, 2008


We have a mid-week service every Thursday in church. So, last night, the sermon was about 'procrastination'. It hit me, like real hard. haha XD

Anyways, I consider myself one heck of a procrastinator. Now, what is a procrastinator by the way? Well, it is someone who puts things off til tomorrow when he/she can do it now. There is a mentality of delay and disorganization.

I procrastinate in a lot of things. I sleep or rest first when I don't feel like doing or finishing a thing and when it can wait til tomorrow. When our parents tell us to wash the dishes, I will say 'wait', 'hold on a sec', 'later', or in our language, 'teka lang' or 'mamaya'. I hate doing things when people tell me to do so. So, because of that, I procrastinate. haha. I know, it's a bit meanie, hard-headed and stubborn of me. But yeah. I just hate being told and I hate doing things right away. I do things immediately when there is a motivation or when it has a deadline, though. HAHA. I gotta put off procrastination, like, NOW.

OMG. I think I've been telling myself to do it since when? And until now, I still do. I think it's a human nature. If you never procrastinate, tell me, and I will applaud you. lol. Guess, all of us are procrastinators in some ways, right? hehe.

In the Christian's perspective, we procrastinate when we say like, we would read the Bible later when we can do it now. Like we would sleep or take a rest first because we are tired from work or studying before our devotion and what not. I do it sometimes. The text last night was Proverbs 24:30-34. It was a good example of procrastination.

Let us not procrastinate. The solution? Start sorting things out NOW. We need to recognize them and start dealing with them. We must show a 'determination' to sort things out. In that way, we will put off procrastination.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Do not put off til tomorrow what you can do today." You can also read scriptures about it in the Bible, so it's also Biblical. :D

Till next time,


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