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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Best Sister In The World

Nineteen years ago, God blessed me with the most wonderful sister in the world. :D I'm sorry guys, she's meant to be my sister. haha :p

Today, is the 19th birthday of my younger sister, April Lei. She's the youngest in our family and we're like one year apart. She's pretty, like me. lol. Here's a picture of her: (She's gonna kill me when she sees this because I'm showing her photo in the world wide web. I hope not. lmao)

Me and my sister are the closest in the family. We are like best friends too. She's my 'other half'. We share stories, secrets, and anything sisters can share. Except clothes because we're not of the same size, lol. She's also my accountability partner. She's my best companion, and I can also call her my conscience when I do something not good. I'm also like that to her as well. When we were kids, we used to think we were twins because our parents sometimes dress us with same clothes! haha.

Anyways, I just wanna tell the world how happy I am to have a sister like her. Woohoo.

And wanna say sorry if 'Ate' (older sister in our language) is stubborn and lazy. Ahh, I hate to think she sometimes do things the older sister must do. Shame, I know. :p But well, I'm thankful of that and I hope I can repay her in the future. I'm gonna send her to Harvard. lol. *Childhood dreams* haha.

So yeah, just wanna greet her on my blog even if she might not be able to read this. But for all its worth, I still wanna. So here's a *cute* photo of us two:

I love you so much, my ever dearest sizzy! I THANK GOD FOR YOU. Muah muah.



istepanyak said...

Aww, that's sweet. Happy Birthday to your sister. Nako, i wish my sister and I are like that LOL.

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