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Friday, April 17, 2009

I Want An Aviator Shades

Well oh well. I know I seldom write fashion stuffs here. In fact, this is like the first ever, I think. haha. But now, I really want to buy an aviator shades. I was always looking for it when we go to shops. I was ready to buy one a few days ago but I didn't because I'm not gonna use it any sooner. And I don't know if I could really like wear it because I have my eyeglasses. Ugh. It's such a big hassle for me. Anyhoo, whatever. I'm getting one REAL SOON! harhar.

Ok, you guys might be thinking who's that guy on the right. That's Gerald Anderson, a Filipino actor. OMG. Isn't he hot in his aviators? lol. Honestly, him wearing aviators really influenced me on getting one. haha. :p

I want this Marc Jacobs one. Gorgeous. I wish I can get one here in Fiji though. lol

I just fell in love with aviators. haha. I want this white frame. I hope I can find one. Ugh. Wayfarer is fine too, but I hate bumblebee shades. I don't know, I just don't feel like it. It doesn't suit me because I have a round face. lol.

So, meanwhile, I still love this one:

LOL. Okay, that's like an old pic of me. haha. I believe that was like 2 years ago, still in the Philippines. lol. I love my glasses, still. It's frameless. But I wanna try something new in the near future. How about getting a geeky glasses? hahaha.

Okay, I should be starting with my 1000 word essay right now. It's due in 2 days. Dang!


1 comment:

sugartopping said...

i'm totally loving the marc jacobs one!! <3