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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What My Dream Job Is

So, I went to a job interview this afternoon and met the Managing Director and CEO of Oceanic Communications. We discussed some stuffs about online marketing. Funny how we met online, on Twitter. Ahh, don't you just love the power of Social Media? :)

Okay, so there I was discussing some stuffs with him until he asked me what my dream job is.

I told him I really wanted to build by own business since I'm all into internet marketing stuff or home business kind of thing. I love the fact that we can now make money online while staying at home. Ahh, the internet dream! Well, not just all business online, I also want to have a coffee shop, restaurant and a clothing line. (Too many plans, huh? This is my blog so I can write whatever I want! haha) I want to have my own business to spend more time with my family and do more things for God through ministry. Why in ministry? You're not gonna make money there, Fei. Yeah I know. That's why there's my business, right? :p I believe that the best investment in this world is still the Kingdom of God so it's always a part of my dreams and plans. I also want to help charities and foundations.. Yes, I want to be a Philanthropist. :)

Ok anyways, before I dreamt of being an entrepreneur myself, I used to dream of becoming a Doctor when I was a kid. haha. But I realized I'm so afraid of blood so nevermind. In High School, I wanted to work in a Corporate environment. In fact, my ambition in our yearbook says Business Executive. (I'm too shy to write CEO there. lol) YeHa. Just like this picture on the right. I love it when I watch movies where women work in the corporate offices at the Big Apple (NYC). I imagined myself walking to my office with my favorite Starbucks drink on my left hand and a Blackberry on my right. HAHAHA. Oh-kay, that's not exactly the one on the photo. :p And not really in NYC. lol

So there ya go. I just thought of blogging about my dream job. Hihi. I wish to work for myself so I have all the time in the world. But for now, while saving up money for my business, I should work. I would love to work in Oceanic but we'll see how things go. I wish I could 'legally' work here in Fiji. Sigh. Why does the temporary residence permit here doesn't allow us to work? tsktsk. lol.

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