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Saturday, June 14, 2008

God Sees Everything

I've been a Christian since I was 6 years old. Pretty long huh? Because of that I grew up in Sunday School. I'm 19 now, and I've been through a lot of trials in life. I don't regret them because I know God planned it to happen so that those experiences would teach me something and would help me be a better Christian standing firm in His Word.

I've backslidden once. I've turned away from God when I was in High School. That time of my life was too busy that I seldom go to church and have forgotten my roles as an Ambassador for Him.

Here I am now in Fiji. And God is really Great. He's been doing marvelous things in my life. He knew what I've been through so now I experience blessings. But He still gives me trials to mold me.

As I was going through the net a while ago, I've found this new site where we can upload sermons. Hmm, maybe I can upload soon. Hehe. In today's busy world, some people can't go to church. I myself, aside from regularly attending church, sometimes watch sermons online if I believe that God would speak through it, He always does anyway right?

I was in an outreach this morning and we went to a settlement, a place where poverty prevails. It touched my heart. I might not be able to give them something because I am still young and don't have much but I can share to them the Greatest Treasure in Life, and that is Jesus Christ. God sent His Son into the world to save us. What a great opportunity for Christians to share the Good News!

The poor people lose hope in God because they think that if God provides and blesses people, how come they are in that state. Maybe they feel God has forgotten them because they are not blessed with material things. While the rich people, in the contrary, forgot about God because they think they have the 'security'.

Either way, God surely sees everything. He know the trials we are facing and He will surely bless us in His time. Let us remember that our time is different from His time and His is always the right one.

The Internet is a very huge marketplace. We can find anything online. I've learned from a preaching before that there are more people who visit pornographic sites. Can't we use the Internet for the glory of God too? I could say I'm such an Internet freak but this is what I do, I blog about Him. So why don't we watch sermons online instead of browsing sites that would just harm us? Again, God sees everything. So what do you do on the Internet? Head on to now.

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