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Monday, June 9, 2008

Sleep: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

I always surf the net. In fact, almost every time as long as I am awake. I even surf the net more than I study. Am I studying anyway? lol. Oh well. Maybe this is the Internet lifestyle. Internet freak! lol. XD

Mom gave me an article about Sleep: A Necessity, Not a Luxury. Yes, she printed it out. haha. She told me to read it very well. Then give it to April. lol.

Here's the news from Yahoo:

The longer-term effects of sleep deprivation involve a person's health. Doctors have linked lack of sleep to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, depression and substance abuse.
Okay, I get it. HAHAHA. Do I need to say more?

On the other hand, there are people who are suffering from sleep disorders. These disorders include:

  • Insomnia, an inability to go to sleep or stay asleep.
  • Sleep apnea, or breathing interruptions during sleep that cause people to wake up repeatedly.
  • Restless legs syndrome, a tingling or prickly sensation in the legs that causes a person to need to move them, interrupting sleep.
I am insomiac. I just can't go to sleep that fast. So instead of forcing myself to sleep, I just surf the net. lol. HAHAHA. OMG. I experience that Sleep Apnea thing. So, that's why! tsktsk. =|

Mom is right. I need MORE sleep!

I hope to get normal sleep very soon. Well actually, I do get around 8 hours of sleep a day naman. Just not at night. HAHA. I like sleeping in the morning till afternoon than at night. XD

I catch my friends online. Hehe. Coz Fiji is like 4 hours ahead of Phils! So yeah. And it's more quiet at night. I can study. As if. lol. And since most people are sleeping, the broadband connection is damn FAST! Hahahaha! XD

Well, I hope you guys get enough sleep though!

Till next time,


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