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Friday, June 20, 2008

Approaching The End Of Semester 1

So yeah.. We are finally approaching the end of this semester. In short, our semester break is just a couple of days to go. YAHOOOOO! XD

Well, I'm not looking forward to see my failing grades though. lol. But heck, I so want to get a BREAK from school. tsktsk. haha. AND we're going to Nadi next week, after our exams. Spell vacation okay. lol. HAHAHA. Man, it's gonna be my second time (make it third including the time we arrived here, in the airport) in Nadi. It's in the western part of Fiji, so we hardly go there. HAHA. But well, maybe in the coming weeks or even months, we can go there more often because we have a house there. In fact, dad and kuya is already there because of my dad's project. Hehe.

Anyhow, this blog post is just for some updates. Nyaha. I can't wait for the semester ends! And I really don't care much about my failing marks because I don't feel like studying anymore, unless they send us back to the Philippines. HA-HA! Yeah, I would just like to continue my studies in Phils. But I don't think my parents would like the idea.

If ever I will be given the chance to study in USP again, I would definitely study hard now. I said 'if ever given the chance' because I don't know how my parents will take my failing marks! lol. Gee, I hate Foundation. I have another option though, if I could transfer to Institute of Technology Australia, it would be nice. Coz I don't have to study Foundation anymore. Foundation is like High School in University. Dang, I had my MAF11 exam a while ago, and I was seriously BRAINDEAD! tsk. In Tagalog, "bokya". HAHAHA! It was more on Trigonometry and Polar whatever. My goodness, I loathe it so much! Grr. So yeah, I would obviously fail that awful subject. lol. Going back, yup, I am planning to transfer to IOTA. I think it's better though it's just a very small school. It's actually just a support centre coz the main is in Aussie. Hehe. But talking about the educational standard, it's better. Hehe. Hello, Australia right?

So yeah. I don't know. haha. Oh well.. Just made an update that Semester 1 is nearing to an END. I'll be going to a vacation. HAHA. But aside from that, I still have to do a lot of things. Hehe. Talk about my future business! haha. XD

Till next time,

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1 comment:

JV said...

wow, break. as for me.. it will take me 5 months to taste it again, sad.