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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Denarau Getaway

Well, as you guys noticed, I haven't gone online for quite some time. Hehe. I left Suva last Friday and just got back this Thursday. We went on a vacation in Nadi. Then went to Denarau. What a nice and cool place! haha. I would love to get a house in Denarau in the future! Oh no, that means I would go back here in Fiji. lol. To be honest, I'm not planning to go back here in Fiji after dad's contract. But when I get to see Denarau, it's just cool and I loved it! HAHA. In fact, of the 5 days we've been to the west, 3 days we were in Denarau. A Samoan friend of mine said we're obsessed with Denarau. How true? lol. Here are some pics! They have shows for tourists every now and then. These pics are from Port Denarau Marina. lol. Denarau is an Island itself. The luxury hotels and vacation houses are in that place of Fiji so it's really a nice place. Oh well. hehe.

Denarau Island is the largest integrated resort in the South Pacific offering a variety of accommodation, activities and investment options. These range from premier resorts, a championship golf course, and an abundance of holiday activities involving the marina.


Me @ Esquires, April & I near the fountain, Us again @ Cardo's for dinner, Dad, Kuya Mark and I @ Cardo's, Me @ Radissons Orchid Lounge...

For more pictures:


Here's a short video of a Fire Dance Show

1 comment:

Ashen said...

You seem to have enjoyed your
vacation. I am glad for you :D