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Friday, November 7, 2008

Hot Fiji, Rainy Suva

The Fiji Weather. The best time for visiting the Fiji Islands is between May and November. This is the 'winter' season, and though still deliciously warm and tropical, it is not as humid as the hotter, wetter summer months of December - April. However, do not rule out the summer months as there are many advantages. Firstly there is a greater abundance of flowering shrubs and trees as many of these start to bloom more prodigiously from November. Secondly, since it is the ' low season ' it is easier to find many excellent deals. Fiji is beautiful all year round - it's just that there is more chance for some tropical rains during summer. But it is the tropical rains that make Fiji such a beautiful paradise!

Temperature is determined by its location in the South Pacific Ocean and has tropical maritime climate without extremes in temperature. The changes in temperature from one day to another varies slightly and also from season to season the changes are minimal. The hotter season in January, February is usually no more than 3 to 4 degrees hotter than the cool season of July and August. Although the hot season is the rainy season and higher humidity can make this season fell much hotter.

Rainfall in Fiji is largely determined by the time of year. For example the wet season is November to April and experiences a much larger amount of rainfall that the other months of the year. Especially the larger islands that generate clouds and precipitation The south eastern regions of the main islands such as the Suva area on Viti Levu receive much more precipitation that the rest of the islands.

Trade Winds in Fiji mostly come from the south east. These winds are usually light to moderate with stronger winds more common in the May to November period. The larger islands of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu can have their own wind patterns as the island heat up during the day and cool down at night. For example Nadi most days experiences an afternoon breeze starting just after noon. Fiji also has a cyclone season from November to April ( the rainy season ) with can cause high winds.



Well, I've been here in Suva, Fiji for more than a year now so I can obviously tell you how the weather really is like. lol.

I arrived here on 30th of May last year, which is the 'winter season' up to November. I got off the plane past 9am. Their airport, the Nadi International Airport, is located in the 'burning west' as they call it so it was HOT. The weather here is just like what we have in the Philippines, tropical. But honestly, I find the heat here kinda like different because it really burns my skin. Maybe that's one of the reasons why white people like going here, to sun bathe. lol. I see those white people in the resorts are really tanned and burnt. Oh well.

Luckily, we live in Suva, the Fiji's capital, which is 3 hours away from Nadi by car.

So anyways, the Rainy Suva... It's still very hot when the sun is up, around 10am-3pm. Those are the hottest. Sigh. I remember one outreach when we were out at around 11am, I almost fainted because of the burning heat of the sun. tsk,,tsk.. And sometimes, I just can't stand the hotness so we just stayed home if there are no good reasons to go out.

When it rains, it rains hard oftentimes. And unexpectedly. Like, it is very sunny for an hour and on the next hour, it would rain. lol. Sometimes, it drizzles while the sun is still shining. Weird, huh? Gee, I hate the smell of the land when it happens! Then, the raindrops are seemingly huge. And it rains continuously! Most of the time it would rain at around 2am, that's when I sleep, and when I wake up at around 10am, it still rains till the afternoon. Err, Rainy Suva that is!

So there. Just like any other tropical countries. haha. But well, I like our weather in the Philippines more than here. Ahehe. Peace out! It's almost the same anyways... haha

Till next time,


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