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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I slept early the other night and woke up 4am yesterday. We have a class at 9am so I decided not to sleep anymore. I surfed the net instead. lol.

So yeah. At around 7am, I am waking my sister up. But she doesn't wanna get up. So I went out and I saw darkness. lol. HAHAHA. The weather is bad, man. So there, we got lazy to get our ass to school. Hehe. lol.

So there. As usual, I surfed the net the whole afternoon and then watched Bring It On 4. Michael Copon is so HOTT. He's part Filo. Ekk. HAHAHA.

At like 6pm, we have another class, Mathematics. We tried to go but when we were at the gate, it's like the wind is blowing us back. lol. I tried to call a friend up to ask if we're goin or not. Wala lang. Trip lang humingi ng advice. lol. hahaha. XD

I told April, my sister, that since we didn't go to school, we might as well attend our Homecare fellowship. It's a Bible Study but not in church. Home nga eh. LOL. We are studying Satan's tools against us, Christians.

April doesn't wanna attend. Well, am sleepy but I want to. lol. I get to talk to Jenni (cellphone), a friend, and she told me she's goin there. So okay. haha. We're meeting her at Wishbone then go to Homecare together.

Some talk about last Sunday... lol. Anyways...


As we arrived, they were already singing praises. And then meet and greet. lol. Then the Bible Study. The next tool Satan uses against Christians is BITTERNESS. HAHAHAHA. I laughed as Brother Tim revealed it. Am I bitter? lol.

I'm bitter. Bitter to life maybe. Or even to God. Amf. I could have been in Philippines now and would be on my junior year in college this June. Grr! I could have been with my friends in Phils. I could have been HOME. But here I am in Fiji. Still frustrated and all. Haaays.

Mom shared about her bitterness towards dad's employer here. They promised lots of stuffs but it was all broken. We could have been in New Zealand now but then my parents thought that we should not leave yet coz we're on a 3 year contract and it's un-Christian to breach it. But now they have failed to what was first been said. I won't elaborate bout that anymore coz it's just too many. lmao.

Back to my bitterness, I really have a lot. lol. I'm bitter towards my parents too. They just don't wanna send us back to Phils. I'm bitter to some people here coz they are very friendly. (That's the opposite We sometimes feel bitter to life whenever we feel discouraged and all. Until now, we're still strangers in foreign land. Next week, it's gonna be our first year here, but still, seems like we still don't feel home. I guess, Philippines would only be my home. lol. WAHAHA. Kill me now, am so patriotic. lol. HAHA. But seriously, I wanna go home. I wanna get out of here. =|

But looking into the brighter said, everything is still a blessing. God gave us a wonderful church where we grow stronger spiritually. He gave us good friends, though some are seasonal. lol. He gave our family another chance. And that is our greatest struggle. HAHAHA. We're not just used to seeing our parents everyday. lol. It's a long story. HAHA. =p

Everything really happens for a reason. We should be in our classes but God brought us to Homecare. And for that, I heard the study about bitterness. I hope and I pray that I could really let go of this crap very soon so that I would be free from the bondage of bitterness. HAHAHA. May God deliver me. Hehe. Man, somebody should stone me!!! HAHAHAHA.

Let go and let God. =]


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