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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Blog

I have a new blog:

Maybe you guys have noticed that I am an Internet Marketing fanatic. lol. HAHAHA. You can see some ads here. lmao. So yeah, I created a blog about my Internet Marketing Journey. For so many hours I go online a day, I always discover new sites where we can make money online. Some are FREE, some are obviously not. lol. Anyways, every time I go blog hopping, most of us have Google Adsense, PTC banners, or whatever blog monetization so I hope you guys can visit my new blog! Hehe. =]

I know sites that pay you to blog, to share pics, to watch a video, and the list goes on. So keep updated with that blog. I can't blog about it here coz you know, this is a PERSONAL blog. My life, my feelings, and about my dealings with God and the surroundings. Hehe. So yeah.

Here the link again:

Please do subscribe to keep updated for latest money making opportunity or whatever. I'll certainly research first before recommending them to you so we can all avoid scams.

You can also get a FREE ebook there. :D

Till next time.

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