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Monday, May 19, 2008

Rant Night

Hahaha. lol. XD

Last night, I really felt bad with a couple of things. I really have a lot of stuffs in my head. And it's depressing. I was really in a hell mode after the concert in church that I mis send an SMS to a friend here that's supposed to be for a friend in the Philippines. But it's ok. haha.

So yeah, I rant to her too. lmao.

I fell asleep after that. Like 11pm, which is TOO EARLY for me. HAHA!

It's too long to blog about and as of now, am not in a very nice mood to type. lol.

Anyways, am feeling better now! hihi.

Thanks, Jenni! haha.

By the way, I sometimes blog in Multiply. Too lazy to copy-paste. I have a story there! lol. haha. Anyways, my laptop was crushed again. When it gets fixed, I'll try to blog everyday. I mean at least twice a week. Wahehe!

Have a nice day everyone! :)

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