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Saturday, May 31, 2008

First Year in Fiji

Well.. If I have a post about my last day in the Philippines, here's my post about my first year in Fiji! HAHA. I won't be showing you pics taken last year, but I'll show you pics from our 'celebration'. lol. Yes, we do had a celebration! HAHAHA. We don't have a choice to be here. So we wanna be happy on our first year. Nah, I'm just joking about the thing we don't have a choice. Haha. Kidding aside, we (my sizzy & I), went to town and hang out with our dearest Filo friend Jenni after my tutorial class. HAHA. So yeah. Oh hey, I also have videos! WOOT. lol. I wanna try video blogging. Ekk! HAHAHAHA. XD (Don't forget to stop the music before playing the vid ok)

Here's a short video on a parade that happened when we got off the bus: ( I wanna think that's a welcome for us. LOL)


The City Of Suva, Fiji's Capital...

My sister and I...

April, Jenni, and I...

Sisters Always Friends Forever...

No one can tear us apart...

With Taranaki and Jenni...

That's me @ Restaurant 88...

For MORE PICTURES, please visit:

We really had a BLAST in MV Doulos okay! We even went back to take pictures after buying some books. And we made a video!!! HAHAHA. Watch this guys! It's really FUNNY. lol. Watch out for my sister appearing from anywhere at anytime. LOL! Hahahaha! Video taken by ME. Your travel guide is Jenni. lol. Have fun! (Don't forget to stop the music playing automatically here at my blog. It's below my profile. lol)

So, that's it. This is just about our 'celebration'. lol. I'll make a report on my life here in Fiji sooner or later! Hehe. Peace out and hope you had fun with this, coz we did. lol. HAHAHA. Have a great weekend!



1 comment:

marco said...

Good DAy for the Sister in Christ!


i cant hear the sounds of your video very clearly, i might have been distructed by the background songs of your blog, by the way im marco if have time pls visit me at, im also a filipino but currently working in Brunie. nice cute ate bwahahahahaa

God Bless and HAve Fun in your Life For God is Good All the Time.

as always,