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Saturday, May 3, 2008

"I am"

I am a butterfly, fluttering from flower to flower
giving, taking but never staying
a little miracle of beauty and life

I am the mist of a new dawn
enveloping the morning in cool vapor
a soft embrace to savor
but always forgotten in the light of the sun
receding in the last shadows of the day
never to stay

I am vision in the desert
the scorching sun birthing a mirage
always there but forever gone
disappearing in the distance
so quickly in the sun

I am a woman
a stranger to the world
longing to belong yet always lost
a passerby that left a mark of existence
a nameless face worth remembering
yet always forgotten in the midst of the crowd
in a sea of thoughts raging so loud

I am no one
in the infinity of time and space
a speck of dust
one of the millions
yet made someone by Infinite Grace

I am no longer important
but forever will be
consumed by His presence

This is the beginning of me....

This post portrays the vanity of this generation as well as our futile search for uniqueness and our longing to belong. And at the end of the day we have to realize that we are to lose ourselves in the identity of Christ in order to begin to understand who we truly are. -Jenni

This blog entry is written by my dear friend Jenni. She's now here at home and I asked her to be my guest blogger. We went to town today and then to our school. HAHA. Fun fun. Hehe. Will be uploading more crazy pics in Multiply later. lol.


Ashen said...

Is that an original composition by Jenni? The poem was very touching. I bet she's just as talented as you are when it comes to writing.

David Lee Y S said...