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Friday, May 30, 2008

The Day I Said Goodbye to the Philippines

As you guys can see my Count-up timer, it has been a year since I left the Philippines. How sad! lol. I was with Kuya Mark, April, and Tita Sylvia. My dad was already here in Fiji at that time. Mom followed in June coz of some important things to fix. So yeah. By this time, one year ago, I was already at the plane. lol. HAHAHA.

Oh by the way, I left 29th of May ok. lol. It's already 30th in Fiji so the date is now 30. lol. Hehehe.. Oh well..

One year ago.... *flashback*

I only had like 2 hours of sleep. I wanna bring all my stuffs coz I'll be away for like 3 years. I even brought my High School Scrapbook and heaps of important things, gifts from my friends, and photos. HAHA. I think I brought more sentimental things than clothes. lol. Nah, just kidding! Hehe. Lemme show you some pics taken last year!

This my Lola Bunny. lol. HAHAHA. If you wanna know why I call her Lola Bunny, drop me a line! Lmao. Anyways yeah. I met her on my 18th birthday in Starbucks. Anyways...

Yes, she's with me up to the Duty-free area. =p Too bad some friends can't go. =| She's the last friend I saw, and hugged. lol.

I miss you, Lola Bunny! ):3

Of course, I miss everyone!!! =(

That's our plane!

Korean Air
Flight KE 622
Manila to Incheon, Korea

Okay, that's me and my sister waiting aimlessly at NAIA. lol.

We boarded the plane at 12:10pm.

HAHAHA. How can we smile like that huh? lol.

That's obviously me.
At the Plane.
Now, I'm s-a-d.

The Last Glimpse of the Philippines...

the plane's right wing... and the runway...

still the right wing... LOL!

that's probably Laguna de Bay? haha

cute aerial view. isn't it? haha.

bye, philippines... =|

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NAIZA said...

I know you'll be back soon!

***Deniece Keith*** said...

i miss my hair. haha. I mean youuuuuu. when you get to see me, my hair will be like the day u left. labyuuu! (:3